Gaddi Kutta Dog Breed : Personality, Facts, History, Health & Grooming

The Gaddi Kutta Dog Breed also known as the Indian Panther hound is a strong and tough dog breed from northern mountainous regions of India. in this article I will tell you everything you need to know about a Gaddi Kutta.

Gaddi Kutta Dog Breed
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the Gaddi Kutta is oftentimes confused of similarly looking breed the Tibetan Mastiff but they are quite different they are less bulky and they have big mane - like a lion. 

I just said that they are less bulky than the Tibetan Mastiff but this is still very large huge an incredibly strong dog breed. 

the average height of Gaddi Kutta is between 26 to 34 inches which is 66 to 86 centimeters.

the average female weights around 90 pounds which is 40 kilograms and males around 100 pounds which is 45 kilograms. but the largest Gaddi Kuttas can weigh up to incredible 80 kilograms which is 175 pounds as you can see this is a really a giant and a robust dog breed but even with body this big this is still very athletic dog with amazing speed and stamina. 

the Gaddi Kutta has a large head and skull, straight back and deep chest. the tail is typically curled over their back and then we have the beautiful dense coat. they have wooly thick undercoat and medium length outer coat which helps them to live in harsh mountainous climate.

the coat is longer on the chest legs and tail. the most common color is dark brown or black overcoat and lighter tan or brown patches on their face and underside.

Gaddi Kutta Dog Breed : Facts And Information


Gaddi Kutta Dog Breed
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because of their large size they can easily scare away people even when they're trying to be affectionate and indeed this is very easygoing calm and gentle dog breed. towards their family and owners on the other hand they can be very protective over them and territorial over their home. 

they were initially bred for hunting purposes but they are more used by shepherds to guard the goats and sheeps. Gaddi Kuttas are especially known for being strong enough to protect the cattle from larger predators like snow leopards and they are not only guarding the sheeps, they have high intelligence and they are capable of herd lost sheep or goats back to their pens, just like other intelligent working dogs even the Gaddi Kuttas need daily stimulation of their bodies and mind. 

they are much more active than the Tibetan Mastiff. they will love if they have access to a big yard or garden because they were bred as outdoor dogs and they still love it this way. 

I already said that this is very gentle and affectionate dog towards their family and if they are well socialized. they can make good companions for children but I would always supervise them with younger kids because they can harm them without even realizing it.

Intresting facts

the Gaddi Kutta is known under many other names you can know them as Indian Panther hound, Himalayan Sheepdog, Mahidant Mastiff or Bhutia.


we don't know much about the origin of the Gaddi Kutta but it's believed that they have ancient history in the North Indian regions. The legend says that they were developed when indian king Mahidant of Merut crossed local wild mastiffs with Tibetan Mastiffs that were already an established hunting breed at a time.

we cannot say if this story is even partially true. They were definitely used by local northern Indian tribes as guard and herding dogs and they were amazing at this job. you can hardly find any better flock or cattle protector. 

another legend says that they were developed by crossing local Mastiff dogs with Tigers. today we know that this would be impossible but I am not surprised that people believe that when they saw the Gaddi Kutta for the first time.

Health And Grooming

Gaddi Kutta coat they shed a lot especially during the autumn and spring. they will leave long dark hairs all over the place if you want to keep their coat in best shape and minimize the shedding daily brushing is recommended. 

they also need a lot of space as I already said they were bred as outdoor dogs and they like it this way I mean they're adaptable and they can live happily indoors but still you must provide them with a lot of outdoor activity and exercise, otherwise they will be very
bored and unhappy. 

The Gaddi Kutta Dog Breed is relatively healthy dog breed the lifespan is around 10 years which is pretty average for dog of this size. if they live actively and have a good diet they don't suffer from any major health concerns but just like all dogs there can be some problems.

the most common are hip and elbow dysplasia patellar luxation and arthritis. this dog was never the victim of over breeding which is the main reason of their good health it's because only the strongest dogs can survive in the harsh Himalayan climate and the Gaddi Kutta is definitely a strong dog. 

tell me in comments what do you like the most about the Gaddi Kutta Dog Breed and what is your experience with this dog.

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